Welcome to the March of Life!

From April 11th to 15th, 2007, the March of Life followed the route of the death marches from the Swabian Alb near Stuttgart to Dachau. The goal was to set a mark of reconciliation and against silence concerning the Nazi crimes and the newly arising worldwide anti-Semitism. Among the 320 participants were Holocaust survivors Peter Loth and Rose Price, Yochanan Ben Yehuda from Galilee of the Nations and more than 20 representatives from Messianic congregations in the United States. It was a time of deep repentance and intercession, but also of healing, reconciliation and restoration.


The historical backdrop of the March of Life are the death marches that took place all over Germany during the last days of WW2. The German population witnessed a terrible final atrocity in the Holocaust when thousands of prisoners from concentration camps were sent on these death marches. The prison and labor camps of the "Desert Area" on the Swabian Alb were also among those that were evacuated and thousands of prisoners were brutally marched toward Dachau, countless people were killed.


On this webpage you will find reports, testimonies, photos and media about the March of Life. Enjoy browsing!

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